Fw: [FARC] July 21 NBC Dateline Documentary on the Tower Industry

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 18 07:49:44 CDT 2008

Thought this might be of interest:

"TOWER DOGS", Dateline NBC on 21 July (10pm EDT according to my calculations).

--- On Fri, 7/18/08, K3SKE Dan Szymanski <k3ske at edurostream.com> wrote:

> From: K3SKE Dan Szymanski <k3ske at edurostream.com>

> Forwarded to me by the Director of Construction at United
> States Tower Services, Ltd.
> Technicial issues aside, it could be worth watching. Again
> 21 July is Monday
> Regards,
> Dan
> Below is a link about the upcoming documentary being aired
> very soon I think it said 21st of July but check.  May be
> interesting to those that don't understand what and how
> we do things.
> As for the ones that do I am sure we will note a lot of
> flagrant safety issues.  I noted the first picture of a
> woman on a tower leg tied of with her positioning lanyard
> (down low) and her fall arrest lanyard (up high).for those
> that don't know her hook on the peg above her is a
> large hook.  The peg she has this tied to does not have an
> end large enough to "keep" the hook on the peg if
> she were to fall when she disconnects her lower lanyard. 
> This is what leads to the high fatality deaths we have had
> in this industry to date.  Just so your minds are at ease,
> yes this job that I and my friends and acquaintances do for
> a living is inherently dangerous, however given the proper
> training AND use of their equipment can and has proven to
> be a factor for a long career in this business.  It is
> unfortunate that there are those that take this lightly and
> think they are invincible.  It is a shame but I recommend
> watching for a sense of what we do in providing the end
> user to watch television, listen to radio and communicate
> via those cell phones and have down so for over 70 years in
> the tower industry.
> Have a great day. 


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