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AMRAD members (especially Sandy if he is around):

Does the W4CIA repeater currently have IRLP capabilities? If the 
answer is yes am I allowed to use it? I would need help in bringing 
it up, or at least the info so I could try.

Background: There is a large drill called VOPEX scheduled for this 
coming Tuesday (information attached below). One way of checking in 
with VDEM (Va dept. emergency management) is by connecting a local 
IRLP node to a specified reflector.

Comments? Ideas? Also, John Transue made an inquiry into NERA, has 
not heard anything back yet.

I am also going to try 75 meters mobile, but think that will be rough.


Keith Christianson  KC1AD
EC Falls Church City ARES
(AMRAD member since at least approx.1995 but bad at attending meetings)

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>To all Emergency/Coordinators Participating in VOPEX 2008
>VOPEX 2008 is planned for the 22nd & 23rd of July 2008. The VEOC will be
>activating our Amateur Radio RACES Station from 08:00 to 15:00 hours on
>22 July as part of the exercise. This is the Plume pathway exercise day
>which will involve the five jurisdictions within the 10 mile radius of
>North Anna NPS. This includes the counties of Caroline, Hanover, Louisa,
>Orange and Spotsylvania. The second day will involve these plus the
>other counties in the 50 mile radius ingestion pathway to include:
>Albemarle/Charlottesville City, Amelia, Buckingham, Chesterfield,
>Culpeper, Cumberland, Essex, Fairfax, Fauquier, Fluvanna, Fredericksburg
>City, Goochland, Greene, Henrico, King and Queen, King George, King
>William, Madison, New Kent, Page, Powhatan, Prince William,
>Rappahannock, Richmond, Richmond City, Rockingham, Stafford and
>Westmoreland Counties.
>In order to test our redundant secondary amateur radio communication
>systems between local jurisdictions and the VEOC I encourage all
>jurisdictions to activate your amateur stations within your respective
>EOC's on 22 July to include the jurisdictions in the 50 ingestion
>pathway zone. Remember, this part of the exercise is optional but would
>be an opportunity to test our amateur radio capabilities. July 23 is
>only a table top exercise and the VEOC Amateur station will not be
>operational that day, only on the 22nd.
>We will be monitoring the ODEN HF net on 3.947 Mhz. the VDEN Packet Net,
>the 146.880 Mhz repeater with a tone of 74.4 Mhz and the IRLP Raleigh
>Reflector # 9214. Anyone in range of an IRLP node, please log into that
>If anyone has any questions please feel free to call me at the VEOC
>(804-674-2400 or 1-800-468-8892.
>Terry B. Hebert
>Deputy Plans Section Chief

and also

>Thanks for you participation in the upcoming VOPEX exercise. We will 
>be monitoring the VDEN HF Net at 3947 to start with. For Winlink 
>2000 send an initial message to the following: 
><mailto:races at>races at and 
><mailto:veoc at>veoc at This will 
>establish the connection. Do this prior to the exercise. We will 
>also be monitoring the 147.075 in Charlottesville and will be using an IRLP
>Network through the Raleigh reflector on channel 9214. If you are in 
>range of a repeater with IRLP, try it.

Keith Christianson
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