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Sat Jul 19 09:07:17 CDT 2008

Hi Keith, The IRLP hardware is in the process of being moved (at a 
pace matching that of a glacier ) to another members QTH where the RF 
link will work. When done it will be open to all.

End of reply to Keith.

Start pot stirring. ( not a flame I would just like to know how 
others on the list feel )

Why not send an email or a text message or call on a cell phone? Like 
IRLP they use the same infrastructure that Ham radio is supposed to back up.


At 07:08 AM 7/19/2008, Keith Christianson wrote:
>AMRAD members (especially Sandy if he is around):
>Does the W4CIA repeater currently have IRLP capabilities? If the 
>answer is yes am I allowed to use it? I would need help in bringing 
>it up, or at least the info so I could try.
>Background: There is a large drill called VOPEX scheduled for this 
>coming Tuesday (information attached below). One way of checking in 
>with VDEM (Va dept. emergency management) is by connecting a local 
>IRLP node to a specified reflector.
>Comments? Ideas? Also, John Transue made an inquiry into NERA, has 
>not heard anything back yet.
>I am also going to try 75 meters mobile, but think that will be rough.
>Keith Christianson  KC1AD
>EC Falls Church City ARES
>(AMRAD member since at least approx.1995 but bad at attending meetings)

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