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I thought of that conflict too, and I agree with your 
comments.  Backing up one infrastructure based system with another 
system based on the same infrastructure is a might bit silly.

The same situation applies to D-star based systems.  Their network is 
just as susceptible as the regular network (being the same thing 
unless someone implements their overpriced 10 GHz network).

As you alluded to, when you get to the point of callsign based 
squelch in D-star, why not give the party a call with your cellphone? 
That is what it is there for.


At 10:07 AM 7/19/2008, you wrote:
>Hi Keith, The IRLP hardware is in the process of being moved (at a 
>pace matching that of a glacier ) to another members QTH where the 
>RF link will work. When done it will be open to all.
>End of reply to Keith.
>Start pot stirring. ( not a flame I would just like to know how 
>others on the list feel )
>Why not send an email or a text message or call on a cell phone? 
>Like IRLP they use the same infrastructure that Ham radio is 
>supposed to back up.
>      Sandy
>      WB5MMB
>At 07:08 AM 7/19/2008, Keith Christianson wrote:
>>AMRAD members (especially Sandy if he is around):
>>Does the W4CIA repeater currently have IRLP capabilities? If the 
>>answer is yes am I allowed to use it? I would need help in bringing 
>>it up, or at least the info so I could try.
>>Background: There is a large drill called VOPEX scheduled for this 
>>coming Tuesday (information attached below). One way of checking in 
>>with VDEM (Va dept. emergency management) is by connecting a local 
>>IRLP node to a specified reflector.
>>Comments? Ideas? Also, John Transue made an inquiry into NERA, has 
>>not heard anything back yet.
>>I am also going to try 75 meters mobile, but think that will be rough.
>>Keith Christianson  KC1AD
>>EC Falls Church City ARES
>>(AMRAD member since at least approx.1995 but bad at attending meetings)

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