Line of sight mapper

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Fri Jul 25 08:05:58 CDT 2008

Dale, Will the Line of sight mapper show the path between 
my home at:
Coordinates: 38° 53' 49.2'' N,    77° 11' 42'' W 
and my land almost 1200' AMSL which is the southern top of Bull Run Mountain:
Lookout 1196 Ft.	used @ LCC:	1196.19 ft
38 53 49N	=	[38.89166] 38.897
77 40 42.9W 	= 	[77.67866]  -77.678
Degrees/Minutes/Seconds = 38° 53' 49.2" N

I can't get any map to print, can you?
Can you please, please, attach to your email a map of the path?
Will any software show dB loss at 440 MHz and at 1296 MHz?

Will you be at Tacos this Saturday?

When I print the entire page, the terrain map is missing.

Does anything in
or any software you have show any AMSL elevations?

I wish I had a modern computer, or even your  NV8U cast-off heavy monitor.

Sincerely yours, 
Bill Scholtz, W3HXF

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