WTB DC to DC converter to use Dell Laptop in a 12 vehicle + a second item

Michael Chisena ka2zev at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 4 09:40:20 CDT 2008

Hi all,
As you know I have this RDF bug, and one of the things that needs solving is how to run the lap top in the truck.
Have a Jotto desk (like what the cops use for their mobile data terminals) but the battery in an elderly Dell Lap top won't last long if at all.
Just wondering if any of you had a proper vehicle dc to dc converter. 
New or used, all it has to do is run. 
The Dell needs 20 volts of output at the best guess of 3 amps or less. 
The OEM neglected to put a current rating on the factory power supply. 
The three amps number is a good guess.
I have a DC to 120 vac inverter that I don't want to use.
The last time I used it, the spikes and surges trashed my alternator, and I'm not willing to try that experiment again.
So if one is for sale, I'm game.
Second item
At the fest yesterday I got three tentative orders for standard APRS mobiles.
Of this style conversion...
The only difference is the radio. 
The 2m unit from the photos is a 35 watt.
I have some radios that will deliver 80 watts.
Got in a lot of ten units. 
Two have been converted to base stations, one of those is on the air with W1CAR in West Virginia.
The transmit power is easy to adjust down if desired. 
From about 20 to 80 with a single 'pot' adjuster.
The thinking is, if I'm going to do three, i can do the remaining seven or eight units from the set. 
If you want one, get back to me off list and we can work out the details.
Thanks in advance

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