WTB DC to DC converter to use Dell Laptop in a 12 vehicle + a second item

Robert E. Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Tue Aug 5 09:20:46 CDT 2008

You have to pay careful attention to those guys, since they often are
engineered to use 15v airline power (on a cigarette lighter socket or
Empower, the funky airline connector) and do not measure up to
expectations on 12v.  The cheap ones are RF-noisy.

The gold standard ones are made by http://www.lindelectronics.com/

I have powerpoles on mine too.  :)


Alex Fraser <beatnic at comcast.net> writes:

> They make a gizmo to convert auto or airline power for laptops.  They go for
> about $20~30 on ebay.  I have used one (a different brand) and it works great.
> [[ebay]]
>  I of course switched out the cigarette lighter plug to a powerpole.  To make
> it so I could plug into any car I have a cigarette lighter plug to power pole
> adapter that I run into a powerpole distribution strip.  This gives me enough
> power for laptop, gps puck and cell phone for internet access.  If you have to
> run a radio of any wattage of course you must go direct to battery, but how
> often do people let you set up you radio in their car?
> Michael Chisena wrote:
>  Hi all,     As you know I have this RDF bug, and one of the things that needs       
>  solving is how to run the lap top in the truck.     Have a Jotto desk (like what    
>  the cops use for their mobile data terminals) but the battery in an elderly Dell    
>  Lap top won't last long if at all.     Just wondering if any of you had a proper    
>  vehicle dc to dc converter. New or used, all it has to do is run. The Dell needs 20 
>  volts of output at the best guess of 3 amps or less. The OEM neglected to put a     
>  current rating on the factory power supply. The three amps number is a good         
>  guess.     I have a DC to 120 vac inverter that I don't want to use. The last time  
>  I used it, the spikes and surges trashed my alternator, and I'm not willing to try  
>  that experiment again.     So if one is for sale, I'm game.     Second item     At  
>  the fest yesterday I got three tentative orders for standard APRS mobiles.     Of   
>  this style                                                                          
>  conversion... [[http://www.flickr.com/photos/90108848@N00/sets/72157604093886156/]] 
>      The only difference is the radio. The 2m unit from the photos is a 35 watt.     
>  I have some radios that will deliver 80 watts. Got in a lot of ten units. Two have  
>  been converted to base stations, one of those is on the air with W1CAR in West      
>  Virginia.     The transmit power is easy to adjust down if desired. From about 20   
>  to 80 with a single 'pot' adjuster.     The thinking is, if I'm going to do three,  
>  i can do the remaining seven or eight units from the set.      If you want one, get 
>  back to me off list and we can work out the details.       Thanks in advance Mike   
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