Bell Labs Site to be Sold to French Company

Mike O'Dell mo at
Fri Aug 8 15:35:22 CDT 2008

Arno Penzias is a Venture Partner at NEA (my day job)
and when they announced they were trying to sell
the Holmdel building there was a great hew and cry.

it's really an immense barn of a building. and Arno's
work that resulted in the Nobel Prize didn't actually happen there.
the radio telescope site was further off in the sticks
and i believe the building there now is not the same one
as held his office "back then". but it is a historic site
for some value of "historic".  the first version of Unix/32V
that ran on the DEC VAX-11/780 and which eventually begot
Berkeley Unix was indeed born in that building.


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