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Mon Aug 11 16:52:01 CDT 2008

August 11, 2008: Follow-up Notice for DC viewers
Dear MHz Networks Viewer:
As you may be aware, traditional analog television will go away on February
17, 2009, to be replaced with all digital signals. MHz Networks is one of a
handful of stations in the country that will be "handing back" their analog
space prior to the February 2009 deadline. MHz Networks is doing this
because of the timeframes mandated by the FCC; that is, MHz Networks needs
to turn off our analog channel in order to build the new digital
transmission system that will replace it. 
On September 1, 2008, MHz Networks' analog broadcast channel 56 and its
digital counterpart DT-57 will 'go away', to make room for the build-out of
the new digital transmitter. MHz Networks' over-the-air digital channels
DT-30.1 - DT-30.5 will still be in operation. This only affects broadcast
viewers in the Washington, DC area. Metro DC viewers who receive MHz
Networks channels through any cable system, DirecTV, Dish Network or Verizon
FiOS will not be affected. In addition, viewers who already have set top
boxes or digital television sets able to view DT-30 will not be
affected. However, any viewers currently watching MHz Networks in the
Washington, DC area on broadcast channels 56 or 57 will lose access to our
channels after 9/1/08. These viewers must secure a digital converter box
to enable their current television sets to pick up MHz Networks'
channels. Viewers may receive a $40 coupon toward the purchase of a
converter box by visiting or calling 1.888.DTV.2009

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