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sri BOB, I can't recall any specifics.  I think it will change again some
next Feb, when at least WJLA and W*USA go back to their high-VHF channels.
So, plan on a multi-band antenna, not just UHF, or you will be disappointed
next year.

The UHF reception in the DC area is problematic, due to reflections.  On the
one hand, a bigger/better log periodic for UHF might help, on the other
hand, it may cause issues in directionality, especially if you want
Baltimore as well.

Unless you are way out or in a deep hole, you probably don't need the
preamp.  If you're in a hole, the preamp will amplify the ghosts as well as
the main lobe.  In some tests, we were able to drive into virginia horse
country and still see good signals from WRC, WJLA, and W*USA.  Of course, we
were on a hill.....

At my old house in Falls Church (along Annandale Rd, just before Gallows), I
had significant problems with off-air, due to reflections.  The analyzer
showed plenty of signal level, but it would not decode.


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> Yes, the same freqs as analog.  30.1-30.5 are sub channels of the main
> digital stream.  The DTV tuner box will separate the streams to their
> individual channels.
> Terry
>  anybody have a preference for a UHF antenna and preamp I need to revamp
> my system
> Bob K3DJC
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