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I'm not sure.  Right now, there are at least a couple dozen stations around
the country that are staying on their low-VHF channels for DTV.  The
operating costs of running a 1 mega-Watt ERP transmission system will
completely overwhelm small station budgets.  So, some selected to go with
their "poor" low-VHF coverage, and hope cable & satellite fix their coverage
issues as much as possible.

Oterhwise, yes, the antenna for a wireless device on low-vhf is a
show-stopper.  You can have a tiny cell phone, but with a 4ft whip... like
the WWII walkie-talkies.


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> If stations leave Lo VHF what will end up there?The antennas are a
> bit big for wireless devices.
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> >Yes, WETA (RF channel 26 analog) was assigned RF channel 27 for DTV.
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