Comcast gets FCC Order

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Sun Aug 24 16:37:23 CDT 2008

Comcast has been throttling Internet connections for their cable 
subscribers and there have been some complaints to the FCC.  It is a 
complicated deal, the FCC has worked out all the issues and has come up 
with a Report and Order.  See Page 34 to see where they granted the 
complaint by "Free Press" against Comcast.

I suspect this is a big deal that will reduce the practice of throttling 
people's Internet connections.  Will this let a Comcast subscriber use 
all the bandwidth available from the subscriber to the Comcast Central 
Office for however much broadband transfers are needed?

The FCC has not had a good track record on sorting out and resolving 
technically difficult issues like this or BPL.

Time will tell as Comcast responds, appeals etc.


for all too much information on the issue.  I am sure the tacos readers 
will chime in on this one.  Many of us have cable Internet connections.

Frank K0BRA

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