Tech issue, rebroadcast of adult material on the 3m band.

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Mon Aug 25 13:33:58 CDT 2008

I think you have to grin and bear it.

We used to have a loudmusic afficionado who shared space in a lab I used to work in.  Afterseveral requests to turn it down were either ignored or forgotten, someof the other lab rats set up a signal generator on his favoritefrequency and modulated it with a noise generator.  After a while theloud music stopped.

Can you guys teach me what the rules are please?



To make a long story short.
Home is in Herndon Virginia.



The wife likes to listen to this religious broadcaster out of AnnapolisMaryland on 107.9.



She has told me more than once, when pulling into the parking lot, near a particular building in our apartment block, she hears over the entertainment radio what is very adult talk and highly graphic sounds. That night she said it sounded like someone was making a porno film.



Got to the point I could not ignore it any more. 
The wife wanted answers, that required me to get off my dead butt and find out.



Went looking for it last Saturday night. Took a walk and tried not to look too obvious.
Used a fancy scanner (AOR 8200) and an off  tune (2M) antenna.
With headphones and using the bar graph I was able to get close.



So without knocking on doors I narrowed the source down to a couple of apartments in a 60 or so foot range.



Since going to war as a contractor, it takes a lot to offend me. 
What I heard discussed over an open channel was not pleasing. 
In life there are a lot of things I don’t need to know in that level of detail.



What annoyed me the most was that with a normal FM radio kids could hear this material.



After catching the ‘broadcast’ for a while I came to a couple of conclusions.
First off nobody was making any adult films.
What I was hearing was some pre recorded material of an adult nature.



Best I can figure someone has a Sat Receiver (Sirius or XM, don’t know, I don’t buy that kind of service) picking up a premium channel, and using a little FM modulator sending it across the apartment to another receiver. Since the range is so short, like I said about 60 or so feet I doubt this signal is more than Part 15 strong, so asking the FCC to investigate is pointless.



I did talk to the apartment house management; let’s say it was a first for them.
They have no idea what to do. You guys are pros in the industry, what is your knowledge of the rules. I will be happy to answer any follow up questions you ask, if possible.



Thanks in advance
Mike in Virginia
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