Tech issue, rebroadcast of adult material on the 3m band.

Mike O'Dell mo at
Mon Aug 25 20:48:09 CDT 2008

The FCC has issued a Stop Right Now order to both XM and Sirius
because the little FM modulator in their receivers puts out
*way* too much power.

i just got an email from Sirius about it saying to Turn It Off

i've had similar experiences in heavy traffic on the funway.
once we were stuck in a traffic jam on I-whatever up in
Pennsyltucky somewhere and suddenly the car's FM receiver
replaced the local NPR outlet with a seriously raunchy
"comedy" channel. and then a capture-contest started
because it was clear there was more than one such modulator
within range and as the relative field strengths flucutated
with moving traffic, different channels would wrestle for
control of the detector. 


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