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Fri Aug 29 15:22:18 CDT 2008


I saw this message about a DIY spectrum analyzer on the Softrock 40 
newsgroup.  Check out the links.  It really looks like an interesting 
project with a nice end product.

If you have an interest in software defined radios you should subscribe 
to the Softrock40 group over at Yahoo.

Frank K0BRA

OT Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer SLIM boards available
Posted by: "S. Cash Olsen" KD5SSJ at zianet.com   casholsen
Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:23 am (PDT)
Many of you may have been following the Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer. The SSA
has had major face lift and the verification effort is complete. I'm glad to
offer high quality printed circuit boards for this project.

If you go to www.zianet.com/erg you'll run smack into it. You'll be glad you
waited for these boards (14 of them), because for one thing you won't have
to figure out how to saw them apart, they simply snap apart.

Cash Olsen KD5SSJ

Kits to build Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer http://www.zianet.com/erg
Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer website http://www.scottyspectrumanalyzer.com
Sam Wetterlin's website http://www.wetterlin.org/sam/
Yahoo Builders Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spectrumanalyzer/

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