Spectrum Analyzer

brainerd at wildblue.net brainerd at wildblue.net
Fri Aug 29 19:47:03 CDT 2008


I saw this message about a DIY spectrum analyzer on the Softrock 40 
newsgroup.  Check out the links.  It really looks like an interesting 
project with a nice end product.

If you have an interest in software defined radios you should subscribe 
to the Softrock40 group over at Yahoo.

Frank K0BRA

  There is an active Yahoo Spectrumanalyzer group at
 for this spectrum analyzer.  They just went through a review and testing of the latest circuit 
boards by several volunteers.  The analyzer covers from near DC to 1 GHz.  The first IF is at 
1013MHz and your PC is used for the display and some processing.  I just ordered my set of 
boards last night.  Scotty also has a website for the analyzer(although I don't have the URL 
just now).

Dave - WB6DHW

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