Gee Whizzers, Batman! this is a freakin' CELLPHONE processor?

Michael O'Dell mo at
Thu Aug 28 18:47:31 CDT 2008

the new TI OMAP 3530

for $58 quantity 100 you get

an Arm Cortex-A8 superscalar ARM with MMU, SIMD, and Jazelle
running at 600MHz and addressing a gigabyte of SDRAM
and lots of support for NAND and NOR flash and mem cards

an "image and video processor block" containing one C64x+ VLIW DSP
for video compression and decompression

another free-standing C64x+ VLIW DSP for doing baseband processing
(this puppy is a rip-snorter, too, with 8 functional units -
six serious ALU blocks and two multipliers)

a 3D graphics processor good for 10 million polygons/sec
with both edge and vertex shaders - this version can generate 720p video
two LCD panel interfaces

USB 2.0 host and client

and enough assorted high-function glue logic to nail on
almost anything you can imagine

sooooooo - wow. I guess this is the Android springhead, huh.
seems like an interesting choice for an SDR project.


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