Gee Whizzers, Batman! this is a freakin' CELLPHONE processor?

A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at
Sun Aug 31 11:24:24 CDT 2008

Michael O'Dell wrote:
> the new TI OMAP 3530

See also

For $149 quantity 1 you can get a nice board easily ordered
from our friends at Digi-Key. It can take 5VDC, or power
over the USB interface, or there is a power supply available
for it that uses 2 AA batteries.

Frank Gentges writes:
 > Tacoistas,
 > Wholly Crap, this thing is way overkill for a simple SDR.

 > You will need a large staff of computer engineers to sort out your new 
 > product and all the embedded processors.

Yes, and they all hang out at You can start out
by watching the several youtube videos of things the board is
already doing. The TI OMAP engineers are being very pro-active
and helpful to interested newcomers.

And yes, a fair number of beagleboard projects are SDR related.

Have fun,

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