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On Sep 8, 2008, at 5:47 PM, Sean Sheedy wrote:

> It is not surprising that the Java plug-in does not work or is not  
> available (NOAA weather radar loop).  Sun and Google definitely do  
> not get along.  Google ditched Sun's VM for their own for Android  
> and are not using the name Java, possibly to avoid licensing.
> I am not crossing my fingers for a Java-compatible plug-in for  
> Chrome coming from Google any time soon since they are obviously  
> looking to the browser and their implementation of Javascript and  
> Gears, not Java, as the cross-platform application enabler.  Sun is  
> probably already working on a plug-in, though.
> It is possible to go to the open source version of Chrome (Chromium)  
> and download the very latest build of Chromium and avoid the Google  
> EULA.  Link:  Some  
> might call this unstable but I've only hit one or two websites that  
> did not work properly, and they were non-essential, and if a build  
> doesn't work for you, just pick another - there are a half dozen to  
> a dozen builds a day.  I use a Mac and PC side by side and I have  
> found myself doing much more browsing on the PC now where Chromium  
> is installed.  The performance just feels a bit snappier and the UI  
> is certainly much cleaner compared to Safari and Firefox.  The tear- 
> off tabs come in quite handy.
> Already I am finding that Chromium lacks the increasing bloat I've  
> encountered with other browsers as they get used during the day.   
> Anecdotally, certain sites that rely on Javascript definitely do  
> seem to perform much better, but that could also be wishful thinking.
> If I were writing an application that I wanted to run on multiple  
> OSs, I would definitely be thinking strongly about Chromium as the  
> environment in which it were to run, even though the Linux and OSX  
> versions are not working yet.  Chromium also could help standardize  
> the web on the technologies used to develop Web 2.0 applications.  I  
> am curious to see just how deep you can go into the host platform  
> with Chromium before having to write a plug-in.  I wonder just how  
> much performance one can get out of applications that require a lot  
> of crank.
> The biggest potential impact I see, however, is in the mobile space,  
> which is hugely fragmented in both the browser space and with  
> multiple execution environments available that are rarely compatible  
> across phones even from the same manufacturer.  With Chromium being  
> open sourced (BSD no less) and based on WebKit and with an  
> increasing number of phones employing a Linux core, we might finally  
> be approaching a time when it is much easier to develop an  
> application that runs on multiple handsets without a lifetime of  
> managing special exceptions and bug workarounds for a thousand  
> devices.
> Of course, this also depends on how deep into the platform Chromium  
> on a phone would let you go, and that depends on whether or not the  
> manufacturers and operators, who make that decision, finally decide  
> that they could make more money by selling more devices than by  
> hobbling access to key features so that they can have their own  
> little hooks into the application revenue stream in the name of  
> "security".   Not likely for a few years, though Apple is helping  
> set a new example with the iPhone and app store (albeit with a  
> different set of challenges for developers.)  Maybe W3C with help  
> from groups like OMTP and the JCP, inspired by Google's work and  
> with lessons learned from past application environments, can come up  
> with some standards to help this along and make it universal.   
> Unfortunately the level of development freedom we enjoy on the PC  
> might never be widely available on mobile devices, with the  
> exceptions to this being niche devices such as OpenMoko's Freerunner  
> (more power to them!)
> Sean Sheedy (AI4ID)
> On Sep 8, 2008, at 4:16 PM, Alex Fraser wrote:
>> The Java plug in for chrome don't work.  Nice program though, as it  
>> matures it should be a winner.
>> On looking around (using chrome) I found you must get another later  
>> beta version of Java which I'm doing now.  It's hard to type with  
>> your fingers crossed.
>> Alex Fraser wrote:
>>> I'll probably put it on number two machine first.  I've had the  
>>> NOAA weather radar's java crash my SeaMonkey a couple of times.  I  
>>> want to see if the radar loads quicker and I can still run video  
>>> in another tab.  I'll be watching for a Ubuntu version too.
>>> Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
>>>> Alex Fraser <beatnic at> writes:
>>>>> What is the deal?  Is this a leap?
>>>> It is very cool conceptually.  Dunno if you have seen the comic  
>>>> that
>>>> talks about it; you can find it here:
>>>> That said, it is "beta" and this time they mean it.  I would not  
>>>> make
>>>> this your main browser; you should be using Firefox or Safari for  
>>>> that
>>>> these days.
>>>> Certainly worth downloading and playing with though, and I  
>>>> encourage
>>>> that.  I'm waiting to see what the first ("beta") releases of the  
>>>> Mac
>>>> and Linux versions look like.
>>>> -r
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