A Sacrificial Ethernet RJ45 cable

Iain McFadyen mcfadyenusa at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 10 20:38:48 CDT 2008

This device is for the use of people testing Cat5/Cat6

They plug and unplug around 300 cables per hour into the

I found one of these dongles in the carrying case of my
test kit here, and found no instructions on what it was for.
Now I do!

I dare say, my PC gets plugged/unplugged around 6 times a
day as I move from home to office, to conference room, to
work site to office to home, etc. So I am not too worried
about it. The screen hinge, and the battery, and the hard
drive, and the power connector and the Operating System.....
well, .... I think there are a LOT of other things in the
laptop that will fail BEFORE the 1000TX connector.


--- On Wed, 9/10/08, Andre Kesteloot
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> From: Andre Kesteloot
<andre.kesteloot at verizon.net>
> Subject: A Sacrificial Ethernet RJ45 cable
Assembled Tacoistas,

> If you use a laptop connected to the Internet, you
might want to
> consider a sacrificial RJ45 extension.
> This gizmo could save your computer's Ethernet
> port  (Because there is
> only 1 of these on our laptop...)
> 73
> André N4ICK>
> href="http://shop.willyselectronics.com/browse.cfm/4,8694.html">http://shop.willyselectronics.com/browse.cfm/4,8694.html</a></big><small>


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