New Antenna Physics Discovered!!!!

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Thu Oct 2 11:26:05 CDT 2008

After looking at the site and reading the wide range of frequencies I am 
disappointed that they do not cover 75 meters so I can hook up my 
Johnson Desk Kilowatt on AM to talk to my friends.

On a more serious side, this somehow smells like the Maxon dipole in a 
smaller package.  The Maxon was examined by ARRL while our esteemed 
president was there and found to be a dipole center insulator with a 50 
ohm non-inductive resistor across the terminals.  The result was that 
the feed line did not see wildly varying impedances from the connected 
dipole.  Thus VSWRs no higher than 2:1 if I recall.

In a modern package using surface mount etc. a similar antenna could be 
made to cover a wide range of frequencies and just enough radiator 
elements to receive and transmit enough signal to qualify as an antenna.

I suspect they are much better at glitzy web pages than antenna engineering.

I do wonder how it would fare with a kilowatt AM rig on 75 meters though.

Frank K0BRA

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