New Antenna Physics Discovered!!!!

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Thu Oct 2 15:36:15 CDT 2008

But, but, but, they have testimonials, even from the military!!  Shirley,
the testimonials prove that it's great!  The government in general, and the
military especially, could never be hoodwinked, or misrepresented.

I hope your bridge is as viable.  It sounds like a good buy to me.  If only
I had not lost my shirt in WAMU.  I would like to buy it, as I have a great
business model.  Charge a toll to vehicles when the tide is out, and boats
and subs when the tide is in...  Does your bridge use this new AMT
technology as a communications aid while it is under water?  It should.

and, stop calling me Shirley.

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> (cough - choke - sputter)
> and if you believe this, i have a bridge to show
> you after the tide goes out.
> 	-mo
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