New Antenna Physics Discovered!!!!

Philip Miller Tate Philmt59 at
Fri Oct 3 15:57:30 CDT 2008

I'm going to the optician tomorrow to buy a pair of slightly-more- 
expensive digital spectacles. I expect they'll enable me to see  
everything in High Definition. I'll bring them to Dayton next year,  
except that I will see it as DAYTON. [Note: quality of previous joke  
may depend on installed fonts.]

Phil M1GWZ

On 3 Oct 2008, at 02:02, andre kesteloot wrote:

> Philip Miller Tate wrote:
>> On 2 Oct 2008, at 22:16, andre kesteloot wrote:
>>> Sorry, gentlemen, but you are just Luddites, and therefore you  
>>> still think in terms of the old fashioned /*analog*/ antenna  
>>> theory (with Curls and such)
>>> If you go to the glitzy web site of AMT Antennas, you will see  
>>> that this new invention is a /*digital*/ antenna.
>>> They don't work the same way at all
>>> :-)
>>> 73
>>> André N4ICK
>>> ***********************
>> Oh, you mean like those special */digital/* headphones that cost  
>> slightly more than cheap pairs?
>> Phil M1GWZ
> Phil,
> Thank you for an excellent question.
> Yes, essentially the same new theory (but I can't really go into  
> all the details in this low-level reflector, as some of this is  
> classified).
> Briefly, the electrons are replaced by photons, and they spin  
> backward.
> (You may recall the current in a conductor, and the scredriver  
> effect? This is the counter-screwdriver effect, but that is because  
> it is digital. Digital is just, well, better. Everyone knows that)
> 73
> André N4ICK
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