Ink Jet Printer of a New Kind

Philip Miller Tate Philmt59 at
Wed Oct 22 12:12:05 CDT 2008

It's a trick to wrong-foot us. While we think those clever Japanese  
are making artificial organs with a cell-jet printer, in fact, they  
are really developing top-secret origami organs using folded skin and  
muscle. Kit organs will be sent by FAX. You'll soon be able to send  
your arm away to have it tattooed and sent back by return.

I suggest we send the new Google spy satellite over to see what  
they're really up to.

Shhhh... Secret Squirrel.

On 22 Oct 2008, at 16:43, Frank Gentges wrote:

> Mike, KA2ZEV, has been working with a 3D printer at NRL.  Now, here is
> some work on a bit different 3D printer.
> We can think of design changes that might improve on a person's  
> original
> organ design or size someday.  Just imagine the spam for this kind  
> of work.
> Is this Orwell?  We do seem to be going to the 1984 vision in many  
> ways.
> Frank K0BRA
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