How to convert to Digital TV

Will Russell will7777r at
Wed Oct 22 11:36:38 CDT 2008

Um.  A few musings about this.

My ISP (Verizon) returns the following message when trying to follow the instructions on the video:
"Sorry, '' does not exist or is not available"

One wonders if this because Verizon has a conflict of interest and would like to promote FIOS TV?

A less humorous but more factual guide is at
However, it doesn't give an obvious link to a site to obtain the coupons.  It clearly is more interested in the viewer buying a digital set or subscribing to cable services.

At the government site:
there is a form to fill out to apply for a coupon. Unfortunately, after completing it, the form is refreshed blank with no indication of whether the submission was received.

I'm not completely against getting a new set and replacing my aging box, but this charade galls me.  (And, if I do get a new set there might be some life left in the old one as a second in the house.)

Will Russell

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