SDR From the Ukraine?

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There is at least one commercial SDR-1000 clone, called the SDR-100.  It was
designed around the original Youngblood articles in QEX, and did not have
some upgrades that the actual SDR-1000 had (even the original 3-board
SDR1000).  Its specs were not as good as the actual SDR-1000.  It was shown
in a black box like the SDR-1000 enclosure, so I don't know if this item is
one of those, or some other clone.

There is also an SDR called the WonderRadio, that is similar to the

The SDR-1000 was originally a three-baord set.  As such, it had some issues.
Flex improved it by adding a fourth board with better filters, a better Rx
preamp, and some other stuff.  I imagine this clone has better filters on
the three board set itself.

Keep in mind that both the SDR-1000 and this clone(?) use a parallel port
for control.  Those ports are getting harder to find on a decent computer.
Also, the computer should be a 2.5GHz or faster machine in order to run the
more recent versions of PowerSDR.  So, trying to find a fast enough computer
that still has a parallel port can be difficult.  Flex had a USB-to-parallel
adaptor available, but it's discontinued.  You can occassionally get one on
ebay, I did.


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> Hello from Boston.
> Someone from Kiev Ukraine is offering an SDR-1000 compatible radio on
> eBay.  Is this a just a knockoff or another radio? Some of the text
> suggests it is improved with switchable filters but lacks detail about
> it. He calls it an SDR-1000 clone.
> It is kind of expensive just for finding out.  He has good feedback as a
> buyer but this seems his first listing as a seller.  Perhaps we should
> email to see if he offers more detailed information.  The photo looks
> like a nice unit but is only a stack of cards without a case.
> I note that the SDR-1000 is no longer available from FLEX Radio.
> See
> Frank K0BRA
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