IEEE: The day analog TV dies...

Michael O'Dell mo at
Fri Dec 5 08:08:11 CST 2008

i like the idea in general, but the image i have is
standing on the hilltop overlooking Springfield just
before sunrise, listening to the thousands and thousands
of screams which will issue forth from the insanely-pissed
populace who turn on the telly for their Morning Fix,
only to find - nothing.

i don't wanna stand too close to that.

i predict that the analog signals will not stay off
for very long.

when the #5ESS serving Capitol Hill melts down
for *days* from constituents screaming at their
Congresscritters about how their TV went black,
the analog signals *will* be turned on again.

then Chairman Martin will be summoned before
the Senate Commerce Committee for a public
evisceration, the likes of which have not been
see since the Spanish Inquisition.

Saying this "transition" has displayed a breathtaking
level of imbecility that simply transcends total institutional
cluelessness is the kindest comment i can offer.

for their part, the OTA broadcasters have dutifully
done what was required of them with only a modest
amount of pushback. surprisingly modest given the
pointless futility of the exercise, but also the
real agenda of the effort: the complete deconstruction
of Over-The-Air Free Video Content.

if the analog signals indeed go away at some point,
it will mean the end of OTA television, the Cable Guys
will have their duopoly with The Fon Kompany, and everything
will become pay, if not pay-per-view.

game, set, and match.


Frank Gentges wrote:
> Should AMRAD have some sort of special event on Feb 17 to mark its 
> passing?  I assume they will pull the big switch all across the country 
> on midnight, Feb 16.
> Perhaps we should set our VCRs to record the cutoff as seen at that time.
> Or how about a commemorative gathering at some sports bar where they use 
> off the air signals on their large screen TVs.  We could all get some 
> sort of appropriate adult beverage to toast each other as the signal 
> disappears.
> Perhaps a gathering on the AMRAD repeater to reminisce while the signal 
> fades to black.
> Frank K0BRA
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