Electronic Bird Repellant ?

andre kesteloot andre.kesteloot at verizon.net
Fri Dec 5 14:42:05 CST 2008

Alex Fraser wrote:
> Andre
>     You haven't really looked at it with a systems approach.
Apologies, I forgot for a moment that I was a Govvie... :-)
> It would take a long study to see what the impact of your bird terror 
> would be.
You are correct, and I plan to ask Congress for a few millions to fund 
this study
>   You could end up with more mosquitoes or end up with some other problem.
>   On the other hand killing and eating the birds might prove beneficial.
but then the neighbors would call the police
> Do you think you could teach a cat to fly?
easy, but gluing the wings is the difficult part
>   Where would the cat poop?  
On my wife's car, hopefully, and not on mine
> Is a real owl a substitute for a cat?  Where can you buy a real owl? 
> And do they poop on cars?
that will all be part of the study you have recommended


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