Electronic Bird Repellant ?

Michael O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Fri Dec 5 19:02:39 CST 2008

seems like an excellent opportunity to buy yourself
one of those splendid propane cannons they use at the
north end of the main runway at DCA, there in the park.

every couple of minutes and -- BOOOOOOOOM
the birds decamp for more tolerable environs

of course you'll have to use your ample powers of
persuasion to mollify the neighbors, but a healthy
contribution to the FFX County Mountie Widows & Orphans
Fund should enlist their aid in suppressing opposition.


Andre Kesteloot wrote:
> Tacoistas,
> Our two cars are parked in the driveway. From nearby trees, birds of all 
> types appear to be taking our cars as dropping targets.
> These droppings can really damage the car paint.
> The Toyota dealer claims that there is an electronic unit, powered on 
> 110v AC, that can be left outside, emitting noises that scare away those 
> $%&#@  birds.
> As anyone ever heard of such devices?
> If not, should the design of such a box become an AMRAD project ?
> (Some people install owls replicas on their roofs. Would owls make a 
> particular noise, that could be duplicated?)
> 73
> André N4ICK
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