Looking for local source for a cable

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The R. F. Connection, Gaithersburg, Md.


At 10:56 PM -0500 12/21/08, Will Russell wrote:
>Micro Center used to have a selection, but I've not checked 
>recently.  They now have two store, the old one off Nutley and one 
>on Rockville Pike.  Probably closed already tonight.
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>>Subject: Looking for local source for a cable
>>I'm looking for a local source for an optical audio "cable."  It's 
>>my fault, I moved my media computer to be near the amp in prep for 
>>Christmas music playing and didn't pay attention to the cable I 
>>need.  I need the fiber with the smaller tip.  Or just an adapter 
>>(I have fiber) as shown in the photo:
>>I've checked Circuit City, Radio Shack and Meyer Emco.  Does anyone 
>>have a lead on where I can buy or borrow one in the NoVA area? 
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