AMRAD reservation for Winterfest, 22 FEB 2009

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Mon Dec 22 21:21:10 CST 2008


We would like to see you here for Winterfest but we will understand if 
you do not make it.

I like that all transistor clock you are getting.  It is just begging 
for some sort of unusual case to show it off.  Perhaps a defunct LCD 
monitor where you take out the guts and replace it with that fine clock.

How about one of these fine gaming computer cases with a plastic side 
cover?  Maybe an old ship's porthole or an old copy machine platen where 
it give you the time rather than copies.

Its starting to get silly here so 73 for now.


Joe Bento wrote:
> Frank Gentges wrote:
>> I have reserved the same tables we have had for several years at 
>> Winterfest 2009.  We always get lots of interest and activity even when 
>> it snows.  Mark it on your calendar although I can understand it if our 
>> contingent in Great Britain may choose to sit out this event.
>> Any new projects we can show would add to the fun and festivities so let 
>> me know about them.
> Your Utah connection may have to sit this one out as well, 
> unfortunately.  You want snow?  We've had plenty over the past few 
> days.  It will definitely be a white Christmas this year!
> Projects?  One of my Christmas gifts (I helped mom pick it out) is an 
> all-transistor digital clock kit.  No IC's of any kind.  194 
> Transistors, 566 Diodes, 400 Resistors, and 87 Capacitors!  See 
>  This is going to be a fun kit to 
> assemble!  Can't wait till Christmas morn to unwrap it!
> Joe
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