AMRAD reservation for Winterfest, 22 FEB 2009

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Mon Dec 22 20:50:56 CST 2008


Philip Miller Tate wrote:
> Frank, we'd love to spend our sterling and come - it's not as if our  
> money is worth anything, so we might as well spend it - 

Our printing presses can beat your printing presses.  Its kinda like a 
tractor pull between an Aston Martin vs. a Peterbuilt truck.  Recall 
that during Jimmy Carter where we all cheered up with inflation because 
we were all becoming millionaires.  Here we go again.

but the
> logistics may otherwise prove difficult, especially as I have not yet  
> registered with the US authorities in advance of my intention to  
> travel, so that they can refuse me entry for alleged terrorism or for  
> <quote> "quality control purposes" <unquote>, only to give in when I  
> appeal against their decision.
> Still, have a great Winterfest.

We have had a fun time there.

> Regards to all fellow Tacosians,
> Phil M1GWZ

Frank K0BRA

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