AMRAD reservation for Winterfest, 22 FEB 2009

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Tue Dec 23 18:24:48 CST 2008

Hi All,

I wonder if the clock could be made with tubes.  Imagine what it might look like.

Best Wishes

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Philip Miller Tate wrote:
>> Projects?  One of my Christmas gifts (I helped mom pick it out) is an
>> all-transistor digital clock kit.  No IC's of any kind.  194
>> Transistors, 566 Diodes, 400 Resistors, and 87 Capacitors!  See
>>  This is going to be a fun kit to
>> assemble!  Can't wait till Christmas morn to unwrap it!
> You could mount it in a long case (grandfather clock) and power it 
> from 2, 492 AA batteries to last the year!
> It looks great! If you don't turn up for Hamvention, we'll know
> still installing diodes!
> Regards,
> Phil M1GWZ
You know, I had wondered in times past if it were indeed possible to 
make all the various logic gates with discrete components.  This clock 
proves that it can be done - the manual is available for free download 
that describes in detail all the circuits.

Forgive me - I'm a little foggy this morning after shoveling so much 
snow yesterday after arriving home from work.  Is there a type #492 
battery, or should I power the clock with 492 individual batteries?


Joe, N6DGY

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