Fw: 49cc hybrid bike drive

riese-k3djc at juno.com riese-k3djc at juno.com
Tue Dec 30 14:10:29 CST 2008

Hi Alex

I too am getting the hots for a gas engine for my Motobecain. I converted
it from a 27 inch
10 speed to a 26 inch one speed coster break. As far as I can see all the
engines are about the same. 
Chinese and price from 130 to 250. So far Spookie Tooth has parts for the
engine. I believe
it must use a reed valve which can be troublesome
What I dont know is PA laws regarding riding one. " Gosh Officer Is That
Right "
anyhow I have the moto running well so I must have gotten the chain back
together OK and the
breaks et all work great. So as the weather warms up I expect to add the
The link to your interest indicates that the motor is friction drive  ?? 
The Chinese ones are all
chain drive  and fit within the frame of the bike,, cool looking


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