NVIS book search

Bill Liles lilesw at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 05:46:44 CST 2009

Folks, does any one happen to have a copy of the book "Near Vertical
Incidence Skywave Communications: Theory, Techniques and Validation By
LTC David M. Fiedler and Maj Edward J. Farmer?  I am doing some
research on the history of the term NVIS and am hoping that seeing a
copy of this book might help.

The earliest date that I have found so far is 1972 in a Ft. Monmouth
NJ report.  NVIS was, of course, used back in WWII and most likely
before that but the term seems to have originated late 60s to early

I know that the book mentioned above consists mainly of articles
published in the Army Communicator magazine, many which are now
available on-line.  I am looking for what else is in the book that
might help with my quest.

Thanks to all and Happy New Year,
Bill Liles NQ6Z

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