Interesting Junk

Bob Bruninga bruninga at
Sat Jan 3 00:29:05 CST 2009

> I accepted a VSAT terminal.
> I have a 0.6 dB NF LNB for 11.7 to 12.2 
> Ghz.. and record the receive noise level 
> [of] the sky noise as the earth rotated. 
> Was it worth the trouble?...

Im not sure how much sky noise there is at that GHz, but I think it is very low and may not be measureable.

Dont tell anyone, but I have often wondered what we could do with these "receivers" if we came up with microwatt 11.2 GHZ oscillators at the focal point of another dish, then,  As long as the TX was pointing south, and not next to any neighbors, maybe we could make some great narrow beam wideband comms links... (illegal of course)...


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