NS-40 Class E Transmitter on a Postcard

A. Maitland Bottoms aa4hs at amrad.org
Mon Jan 5 11:23:08 CST 2009

Let me pass along this news to Tacos...

There is a kit available based upon a design by David Cripe, NM0S.
(Dave is scheduled to be a speaker at the 2009 FDIM at the Dayton
Hamfest, presenting a program on Class-E power amplifiers.)

"The NS-40 Transmitter is an upgraded version of the overall winner in
the FDIM 2008 Homebrew Contest. It is a truly unique QRP transmitter
design. NS stands for No Simpler, so this is the No Simpler 40 Meter

"The PC board is the size of a post card - and actually has a blank
QSL card form printed on the back. You could put a stamp on the bare
board and mail it!"

"The kit comes with all components, 7030 kHz crystal, pc board,
mounting hardware, and heat sink. All components are through hole
mounted. This is a very easy kit to build and populating the board
will take an experienced builder only about 20 minutes."

"The cost of the kit is $30, DX orders please add $3.00, which
includes first class postage, shipping, and handling. All profit will
go toward funding OzarkCon 2009."

 -- http://www.wa0dx.org/wa0itp/ns40.html

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