FCC authorizes Jamming Test

fgentges at mindspring.com fgentges at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 7 09:27:35 CST 2009

Now the FCC has authorized a short term test of a cell phone jamming 
system at the DC jail. It seems the "guests" are getting cell phones 
inside and  using to intimidate witnesses etc. outside the jailers control.

I can see how we will see these jammers licensed all over the country 
for the good of the people.  Just how they will control the jamming to 
be just inside the jail walls is unclear.

We would suggest a device to

1. intercept cell phone handset signals,
2. geolocate them
3. determine they originate from within the jail
4. and then emit a jamming signal just on the identified frequency.

Somehow, I doubt this kind of thinking involved here.  A simpler 
approach might be a really low power module with only a few feet of 
range with low cost and many installed to cover the overall jail.

Frank K0BRA

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