NS-40 Class E Transmitter on a Postcard

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The issue will be how to successfully get rid of the rest of the CF bulb,
after obtaining the useful parts.  Plus, not poisoning yourself in the

The EPA will surely not be happy, and will probably require stickers on each
CF bulb warning of the hazards of trying to reuse parts from the bulbs.


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> > I saw that in QST.  I like the printed
> > inductors on the PC board.
> > It's pretty nice to be able to get
> > that sort of power out
> > of a few dollars of mosfets.
> I havent looked at this yet, but my design goal for the future of
> Ham radio for entery level is a design using the high voltage
> MOSFETS found in each COmpackt Florescent.
> There are enough diodes and mosfets in each bulb to make the
> basis of a nice power transmitter.
> We did it 40 years ago with parts from TV sets.  Let us now build
> our stuff from the throw-away electronics in the Green Wave!
> I proposed a design challenge to the ARRL for this kind of
> project a year or so ago, but got no real response.
> Bob, Wb4APR
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