NS-40 Class E Transmitter on a Postcard

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I believe the light bulb transmitter has already been accomplished:

As for poisoning oneself, the danger from exposure to mercury in CF
bulbs is vastly overblown.  A typical bulb contains about 4mg of
metallic mercury, which is 1/125th what a mercury bulb thermometer
has, let alone the thermostat on the wall of your house.  If you're
worried about that level of mercury in your envoronment I sure hope
you don't live downstream from a coal burner or eat tuna fish.


"WB4JFI" <wb4jfi at knology.net> writes:

> Bob:
> The issue will be how to successfully get rid of the rest of the CF bulb,
> after obtaining the useful parts.  Plus, not poisoning yourself in the
> process!
> The EPA will surely not be happy, and will probably require stickers on each
> CF bulb warning of the hazards of trying to reuse parts from the bulbs.
> Terry
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>> > I saw that in QST.  I like the printed
>> > inductors on the PC board.
>> > It's pretty nice to be able to get
>> > that sort of power out
>> > of a few dollars of mosfets.
>> I havent looked at this yet, but my design goal for the future of
>> Ham radio for entery level is a design using the high voltage
>> MOSFETS found in each COmpackt Florescent.
>> There are enough diodes and mosfets in each bulb to make the
>> basis of a nice power transmitter.
>> We did it 40 years ago with parts from TV sets.  Let us now build
>> our stuff from the throw-away electronics in the Green Wave!
>> I proposed a design challenge to the ARRL for this kind of
>> project a year or so ago, but got no real response.
>> Bob, Wb4APR
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