Incoming President Requests DTV Cutover Delay

Bob Bruninga bruninga at
Fri Jan 9 23:10:19 CST 2009

>> If a TV station switches over to DTV 
>> and nobody gets a free converter
>> box will anybody watch?

Well, I held off for 20 years.  Till last week we had only rabbit ears on a 13" TV in the closet that we only brought out once every 4 years to watch the olympics.  With kids, we just decided to raise them with no TV in the house except the 13" hooked to a VCR for the occasional movie.

But on sale last week, I went and got a big TV. and wow am I impressed with off-air DTV.  WIth just a 6 dBi gain UHF antenna, I am getting 50+ stations in unbelievable DTV quality, and not paying a cent.

But I agree, its 48 channls of worthless garbage, thank heavens for PBS.  Kids are gone, now, so I'mm ready for some relaxing TV.  But not quite yet...

Wife insists that the big TV disappear when not in use.  THis is beacuse the only place to put it is in the middle of our big bay window!  So I am cutting a hole in the bottom of the bay, where the TV can disappear down into the lean-to roof attic of the first floor below the window.  This and 60 lbs worth of springs and mechanism to make it easy to pull up and down.

Nothing is ever easy..

Bob, WB4aPR

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