Incoming President Requests DTV Cutover Delay

Bob Bruninga bruninga at
Sun Jan 11 01:14:55 CST 2009

> The spectrum that is being auctioned 
> off is the highest UHF channels, above
> channel 51....
> Very few low-VHF stations will go back 
> to those channels after the transition...
> Most stations with highband VHF (7-13) 
> analog channels will return to those
> channels around the country.

Your use of the terms "go back to" is what was confusing me.  They are already there (analog) right?  Maybe what I am missunderstanding is that maybe they have temporary UHF assignments now for their DTV, but they have to make a decision about afterward, to keep the UHF or keep the VHF, but they cannot keep both.  If that is what you are saying, now it all makes sense.

And that is why now I see that I have to put up some VHF elements too...

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