Incoming President Requests DTV Cutover Delay

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Sun Jan 11 16:53:07 CST 2009

Mike, what are the anticipated failure modes?
If it does go down the result may be closer to this than we might 
want to think. ( Warning! Warning! the following link is very 
politically incorrect! potty mouth kids, gross acts by adults, 
references to Internet pornography and plot elements stolen from John 
Steinbeck and Alex Jones.)

At 12:13 PM 1/11/2009, Mike O'Dell wrote:

>the loss of real newspapers is an intellectual
>version of run-away outsourcing of development and
>manufacturing, not to mention the creation of an
>immense "single-point-of-failure" problem.
>to wit:
>it is much more likely than not that the Internet
>is going to break in a fashion that most people will
>consider to be catastrophic in the next 3-5 years.
>(Note: We can discuss the definition of "break" in the
>the context of the Internet all we want, but the perception
>by the public is what will matter.)
>it is going to be very interesting to see how people
>respond to the unavailability of accustomed Internet
>information sources, coupled with the strangulation
>of print media and the demise of over-the-air television
>with the concommitant decimation of traditional news-gathering
>functions of the big TV networks.
>maybe radio enjoys a renaissance?
>i dunno - but i suspect it will get ugly before it
>gets better.
>         -mo
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