FCC DTV channel assignment and coverage maps

Bob Rice, KG4RRN kg4rrn at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 11 21:27:03 CST 2009

Yes, just wish the HD transition was more uniform in all channels/bands,
 but it will get evened out one day.
A preview of HDTV on a TV show was one idea I had in Video Production a 
while back, guess anyone who wanted to try with a camcorder could do it.
What is really needed is: good instructors on conversion technique.
"No tools needed" - ahem really ?
The video I saw, besides making fun of the elderly(we will hopefully all be that age one day)
is funny but unrealistic at best.
People will freak out when they can't watch TV anymore...

 Bob , KG4RRN somewhere in PA.

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    This is a test for our country.  We
should be able to pull this off, we have to pull this off.   We have a
lot of catch up to do with the world.  If we want to have any
technological potential in this country we have to learn to cooperate
with change.

     What an opportunity this is for
ham radio, what a chance to shine.  Even specific local information on
club websites would be welcome.  Even better would have been open
community meetings with a knowledgeable speaker, is it too late? I
certainly plan on one on one help for neighbors.  

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