Circuit City to liquidate

fgentges at fgentges at
Fri Jan 16 10:39:04 CST 2009

Well, we kinda saw this coming.  Circuit City was in bankruptcy, closed 
some stores and could not find a buyer so it appears they will be going 
into liquidation.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting there are three 
prospective buyer but chances are dim anything will happen with them.

Warning!  These liquidators will bring in all sorts of crap and use the 
stores to sell it.  They hire the employees and direct them to sell, 
sell, sell. I recall that CompUSA did this and few if any bargains were 
found while the ripoffs were legend. You really had to know what you 
were doing to find a bargain.  I would suggest going elsewhere for 

AMRAD is trying to get a club spot at Hamvention this year and your 
chances will be much better there.

Frank K0BRA

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