Circuit City to liquidate V2

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> > and bargains were awaiting us all.
> I just read through their company history.  I had no idea there was a
> Circuit City and Lafayette Electronics connection.  Seems the Circuit
> City people bought out Lafayette years ago.  Smaller Circuit City
> operations operating under different names were all closed in favor of
> the big box mentality.
> What hurt Circuit City the most though was their "To hell with the
> customer, and lets maximize shareholder profits" mentality.  Circuit
> City used to employ highly trained people that actually knew about the
> stereo and TV equipment.  Those well-paid employees were let go in
> favor of the $8.00 an hour high school nerd.  Obviously, a career path
> job disappeared with those firings as well, so the high school kid
> that could care less had no customer relationship training, and
> shoppers started going elsewhere.
> Joe, N6DGY
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Hey Joe, I wasn't aware of the LRC connection either.  I worked for a few
years at the Lafayette at Seven Corners, VA.  Store #22, employee #9, I
think.  Started out bagging while in high school, ended up working every
position in that store except manager and cashier.  I managed the repair
shop for a while just before leaving.

I still have an LR-1500 stereo receiver, and a few other odds and ends.  I
miss the old catalogs that I had saved but lost.

And, yes, I agree with the Circuit City mentality.  We never had that at
Lafayette.  LRC ended up over-investing in CB, and lost their shirts.  It
also seems like there are companies that I've worked at that are too busy
maximizing shareholder profits to realize they are killing the golden goose.
So glad I've retired.  Nuff said...


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