Incoming President Requests DTV Cutover Delay

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Thu Jan 22 15:31:33 CST 2009


Some questions -

On Jan 10, 2009, at 1:00 AM, Alex Fraser wrote:

>  ...I had to look up the HDMA connectors and was pleased to see that  
> they are DVI compatible and converters are available for computer  
> monitors.  The catch is that the monitors must have speakers and  
> circuitry so you can hear the sound.  Has any one made a break out  
> box and device to pull off the digital audio and pump it through a  
> decoding device?  Will it go into a digital input on a computer  
> sound card? ...

When you mention units which "are DVI compatible and converters are  
available for computer monitors" are these the digital TV converters?   
-the ones where the govt rebate card works?   All I've found locally  
have coax outputs plus a RCA jack with (presumably) analog TV video.

Also, there are a number of TV receiver/decoder units which plug into  
a USB 2.0 port, but they are pricy (and the rebate is not applicable).

My interest is not only in saving a relatively recent analog TV, but  
also being able to project it with a (non HD) projector which accepts  
DVI inputs.  Even when I purchase a new digital TV, these applications  
will remain.


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