Incoming President Requests DTV Cutover Delay

Frank Gentges fgentges at
Sat Jan 24 09:07:38 CST 2009


I did some of that testing.  We got several units from others and tested 
them with the same antenna and attenuator.  I then noted the attenuator 
setting for each unit.

In the end, all units were very similar in sensitivity.  I did not find 
that one model that would be significantly better than the others.  With 
similar components available to all makers and the lack of a design 
flaw, this is pretty much what you would expect.

I did notice some real differences in features related to decoding and 
displaying station menus.  All the units get the data but some choose to 
show a lot and some very little.

Frank K0BRA

Will Russell wrote:
> Also, there is a question of the sensitivity of the converters (and the 
> receivers in the DTV receivers).  Assuming  there are standards it would 
> seem that the various designs would perform differently.
> My recollection is that a member talked about testing these devices last 
> summer.  If that person reads this could he or she respond with whether 
> the tests covered the performance of the units and if so what data was 
> obtained?  Another possibility is that performance data is available on 
> line.  Any links?
> Thanks.
> Will Russell

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