Circuit City to Liquidate V3

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Sun Jan 25 11:07:48 CST 2009

It looks like we at AMRAD are not the only ones to write about the 
Circuit City liquidation and how unwise it is to buy thing there.  A 
nice talk today on the Wall Street Report radio show which refers to  They give 5 reasons to avoid this and other liquidations.

1  You don't need it.

2. The prices are not that good.

3. There are limited forms of payment.

4. All sales are final.

5. There's no knowledgeable help.

I could not say it better although I could not find knowledgeable help 
even before the liquidation, but then I am picky.  Meg and I drove by a 
Circuit City this morning on our way home from a hamfest.  There were 
lots of cars in the parking lot that were not aware of these 5 reasons.

You can find more detail at:

Frank K0BRA

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