Michael O'Dell mo at
Sun Jan 25 22:45:54 CST 2009

seems that Verizon has, in their infinitesimal wisdom,
has finally decided to FIOSify the CO that serves our
neighborhood. fliers stuck in the front door about
people digging trenches, etc, etc.

but this doesn't really matter in our current house
because they won't have it done before the new house
is finished. so i've gotten quotes from various folks
and to my considerable astonishment, VZ's FIOS TeeVee service
looks to be the best deal for HD. in particular,
CableCards actually work as advertised, which is more
than I can say for CrOX Cable. CrOX moved all the good
HD stations to "switched digital" so the TiVO is screwed
and you have to rent one of their gawd-offal DVRs.

and their prices for FIOS BizNiz Internet service are
quite attractive. several of the UUNET tech diaspora
have it and they swear that if you get BizNiz service,
it actually doesn't suck.

bundling the two gives a considerable break on the TeeVee
service, so that's a big win.

and i think we'll even get two of the 3 voice lines on
FIOS as well, but i want the (mother-in-law) elevator
emergency line on good ol' CO-powered copper.

amusingly, the new house is literally directly adjacent
to the VZ Fox Mill CO building. i couldn't be any closer
without working there. (ACK! PPTTHT!)

and the tower base did get poured for a US Tower TX-472.
it will be a bit before that bubbles up to the top of
the "ok, you can get it now" list, but at least the
base is done. i believe it's 5'x5'x8' deep and the
anchors are 40" mushroom heads. and the guys doing
the concrete believe "God is in the rebar." so sometime
this summer maybe there will be a tower party!


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